The Andes & The Galapagos

The Americas & The Caribbean

Grace Exterior - Sunset

Learn the art of unwinding in an incredible South American setting. Let go of the stresses of every day life that surrounds us, and enjoy relaxing, daily yoga sessions, gentle mountain hikes and experience the healing properties of medicinal plants.

Begin your journey to the Andes with its stories. Your first day will be spent getting accustomed to the area and with its traditional folklore, myths and stories. Settle in at one of our select luxury hotels, waiting to tend to your every need.

Allow your body to reconnect with the earth through daily meditation and yoga sessions, and lose yourself in nature with relaxed hikes into the mountains and a horseback ride. Work out any tension with Reiki sessions, massages or an Andean cleansing ritual.

For a true display of Ecuadorian history, make your way to La Compañia Rose Plantation where you will be greeted with hundreds of colorful roses set for export. A visit to the Convent of Santo Domingo in Quito will finish off a day spent exploring this city’s vibrant side streets.

Continue your discovery of the splendor of nature aboard the luxurious yacht owned by Princess Grace Kelly, the M/Y Grace, as you sail through the densely populated Galapagos Islands. From the deck you’ll be able to spot colonies of boobies on the shoreline, and schools of energetic fish beneath the surface of the clear waters.

Aboard the yacht, participate in further meditation and yoga sessions and enjoy relaxing massages coupled with excellent fare cooked by the chef aboard. At Santa Fe Island, you will get a chance to snorkel, kayak, and walk through the lush vegetation of the island.

Peru & Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)
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