Your Safety

As you know The Go Generation is an expert in delivering customized, and delightfully curated global travel experiences — and uniquely qualified to protect your wellbeing when traveling in the wake of COVID-19. As you continue to dream about your next amazing experience, here are 7 things we are doing to safeguard your health on your next journey with us.



1) We facilitate in-country COVID-19 testing and provide round-the-clock support. 

The Go Generation and our worldwide network of partners have the contacts and knowledge to support you throughout your journey, from coordinating COVID-19 testing for traveling between countries to handling emergencies and providing our guests with 24/7 support should a health issue arise.

2) Safety & You.

As a past guest of The Go Generation, you already know that we enjoy collaborating with you to design an amazing experience. During your next experience design session, we’ll be understanding your expectations regarding safety. Whether it’s choosing a destination that requires COVID vaccination or visiting a property with a specific occupancy percentage, this will enable us to curate a memorable experience that meets you and your loved ones’ personal safety requirements.

3) Working with our global partners behind the scenes.

The Go Generation and our global partners have longstanding relationships with unique local suppliers including restaurants, hotels, boats, transportation providers, and venues. These partners know our exact standards and have been fully vetted to make sure they comply with all local regulations regarding health and hygiene.

4) Adhering to best practices for cleanliness and disinfection. 

Our global partners follow the guidelines established by the leading health experts (including the World Health Organization) to minimize any opportunity for coronavirus exposure during your journey. Our global partners have many items available during your journey. For example, having hand sanitizer readily available and ensuring enhanced cleaning in hotels and restaurants, and sanitizing vehicles at every arrival and departure (with a focus on high-frequency touchpoints such as door handles).

5) We’re committed to facilitating physical distancing. 

On a Private Client Journey by The Go Generation, your transfers are private, and our entire staff plans and executes your itinerary to maintain adequate physical distances as much as possible. Moving forward, your guides will forego shaking hands when saying hello, along with no-contact check-in/check-outs in many hotels.

6) Wearing personal protective equipment on your journey. 

On some journeys, you may be requested to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks and gloves, in accordance with local health regulations. We encourage you to bring your own PPE, and you are free to wear it even where local requirements do not make it mandatory. Your local guides will also have a supply of PPE on hand where required.

7) All experience guides and staff follow rigorous health and safety procedures.

In addition to our global experience teams being experts in your region’s culture, history, and wildlife, your guides are fully versed in your destination’s health regulations as well as The Go Generation’s practices and protocols. Everyone involved in running your journey — including drivers, baggage handlers, and others behind the scenes — observes a strict, round-the-clock health and safety regimen, including regular temperature monitoring and testing in compliance with local regulations and global guidelines. During your experience, staff wear masks at all times and additional personal protective equipment as required.


If you have any questions about safety. Please feel free to contact us directly at 1-888-560-5636