Opulent Oman

Middle East


The natural beauty of Oman stretches far beyond just its deserts. The mountains and beaches of this Arabian paradise span the fjords of the north and the untouched beaches of the south. Simultaneously, Oman offers a bustling, modern metropolis and a rich archaeological heritage dating back centuries.

The cultural and historical pride runs deep amongst its citizens and could be compared to a detailed tapestry – offering both a profound understanding of the Arabic way of life as well as a colorful history of trade and foreign influence. Oman could be characterized by its opulent forts and castles, of which there are over 500.

Begin your journey in historical Muscat, a city surrounded in mystique located on the Gulf of Oman, which juxtaposes 16th century Portuguese forts alongside modern high-rise offices.

Tour the Grand Mosque when it’s beautifully lit up in the evening, the grandeur of the architecture truly comes alive when illuminated on all sides. Follow this with a stroll around The Corniche, a relaxed beautiful part of the city with wide sidewalks and shady areas to sit and people watch. A stop in at the Muttrah souk will allow you time to buy some souvenirs.

After a dip into the historical parts of Oman, make your way to the coast to explore the beautiful natural areas of the country. Spend time in the small fishing village of Quriyat, take in the scenic dunes and coastline, and best of all, visit the nesting site of the giant green turtles of Ras Al Jinz.

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