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On this experience, you’ll enjoy the highlights of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Angra dos Reis. Enjoy a delicious meal at the D.O.M restaurant, a thrilling helicopter flight over Rio or a quiet sundowner on the sugarloaf.


São Paulo

Welcome to São Paulo, you’ll start your experience in Brazil with an informative private city tour with your expert local guide. São Paulo houses the largest population in Brazil and is considered the most cosmopolitan state in South America. Galleries are spread all over the city and innovative, contemporary designers are also plentiful.

The downtown area houses many locations of historical interest, such as Sé Cathedral, one of the five biggest neo-Gothic temples of the world. In front of the Cathedral discover Ground Zero, a marble monument in hexagonal shape that contains a map with the highways from São Paulo to other states.

Patio do Colegio is considered the birthplace of the city. Here you will find the Anchieta Museum, with exhibitions of objects belonging to Anchieta, as well as the Padre Antonio Vieira Library, with a collection of historic books.

Continue to Liberdade, São Paulo’s Asian district and the main financial and cultural center. Liberdade, meaning “freedom” in Portuguese, features various Asian businesses, although its origins and main cultural references are markedly Japanese, so it is commonly referred to as “the Japanese district”. On the streets discover traditional Japanese lamps and architecture as well as a plethora of typical products and foods. In the heart of the city, Paulista Avenue is one of the main financial and cultural centers of the capital attracting thousands of visitors every day with an array of stores.

Ibirabuera Park

The next day, you’ll walk in the gorgeous, one million square meter Ibirapuera Park. The museums inside the park were designed by the most famous architect of Brazil, Oscar Nieymer. You’ll finish up at the Mercado Municipal (closed on Sundays), a fantastic building built in 1933 that supplies the public market with various fruits, cheeses, fish, and many other delicious treats.

Later in the afternoon you’ll embark on an thought provoking architecture tour. São Paulo has a real outdoor cultural collection, presenting buildings with many different styles, shapes and sizes. Talk to your guide about your main interests and they will be happy to curate the tour to your

Visit the downtown area and observe history being told through its constructions, concrete manifestations of the transformations of a village that until 1872 had little more than 30 thousand inhabitants and was restricted to the Historical Triangle (of which the vertexes are the Mosteiro de São Bento, Igreja de São Francisco and Igreja da Ordem Terceira do Carmo, until it was transformed into this current metropolis of 12 million inhabitants. From the Pateo do Collegio, which reminds us of the colonization era, until the contemporary porch of Praça do Patriarca, passing through the state lines of buildings such as the Municipal Theater and Altino Arantes.

Little Japan

Your last day in Sao Paulo will take you to little Japan in Liberdade square to savor the most amazing doublings in the Sunday Japanese market. Liberdade is the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. It is adorned with traditional decorations and filled with delicious Japanese restaurants.

Rio de Janerio

Next, you’ll visit the world renown beach city of Rio de Janerio where you’ll spoil your senses with a sundowner at Sugarloaf, a privileged view of the Marvelous city. You’ll continue with a private scenic drive to Praia Vermelha, in the Urca neighborhood of Rio.

Biking the Marvelous City

Your second day in Rio will take you via bike around the lagoon and an optional helicopter ride to see the iconic Christ Redeemer statue and Rio from above. This tour was designed to show you the most remarkable spots of Rio’s south city coast (Zona Sul): Copacabana, Ipanema (Arpoador Rock), Leblon and the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. Take an easy bike ride to see the beach lifestyle of Rio while capturing some memorable ocean views that can only be seen in Rio.

During the tour your expert guide will take you to one of the many local fruit street markets that take place in town. Brazil has a large variety of fruits of diverse shapes, flavors and colors. You’ll be invited to taste a few of them and savor flavors, which you may have never tasted before.

Guanabara Bay

Your last day in Rio will be extremely memorable as you take a private sailboat ride on Guanabara Bay and sip on caipirinhas as you enjoy the Carioca way of life. Start the day on board a private sailing boat by the Marina da Gloria for the most beautiful views of Rio with Sugar Loaf Mountain towering in the distance. Pass by the bay’s islands and forts as you cruise the idyllic waters. Appreciate Rio from the sea and get a different perspective of the famous City. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and towel as there will be a stop for swimming.

Angra dos Reis

The last city on your journey takes you to the beautiful waterfront gateway of Angra dos Reis located in the southern part of the Rio De Janerio state. During your stay you’ll have the opportunity to tour some of the 365 Angra Islands where you can enjoy a boat trip to dive into the sea where you’ll be mesmerized by gigantic multicolored shoals that live peacefully together.

Perhaps a visit to Ermida Senhor do Bonfim, a historical church preserved by the National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage. It was built in 1870 on a small island in front of Praia Bonfim by Manuel Francisco Gomes. It remains open to public visitation thanks to restoration works completed a few years ago. If local markets interest you we suggest a visit to the Rural Production Market, which opens daily, but on Saturdays it is livelier due to producers who turn up with a large variety of organic goods, from herbs and home-grown beans to live free range chickens.

São Paulo – Rio De Janeiro – Angra dos Reis
Ideal for Couples, Families, Groups & Solo Travelers
Suggested Time: 9 Days, Any Time You Want To Go