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One stylish journey, two continents, a plethora experiences. This specific experience revolves around the beautiful country of South Africa and the innovative city of Dubai. First you will visit the historical cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town where you’ll be able to take in historical sites such as The Apartheid Museum and Robben Island as well as visit the captivating Capetonian wineland region.

Next you’ll fly to one of the contemporary game lodges in one of South Africa’s games reserves. One of the properties that we love is Singita Lebombo. The reason why is because Singita is known globally for their innovative approach to design and service leveraging the local culture which ensures that the integrity of the location, the culture, and customs are maintained.

South Africa & Dubai
Adventure & The Outdoors Food & Wine
Private Client Concierge Included
Singita View

Singita’s luxury suites are is described as a collection of eagles’ nests perched along the rugged cliff faces above the N’wanetsi River and look out regally across the landscape of in the Kruger National Park. After an amazing safari experience, we like to switch things up by sending our clients to the innovative city of Dubai.

Once in Dubai, you’ll see and experience first hand the epitome of innovation and modern day luxury. From visiting the Burj Khalifa the tallest tower in the world to taking in high tea at the Burj Al Arab most luxurious hotel in the world. Check out our experience called Dubai: The History of The Future for a great compliment to your experience in Africa.

For those looking to maximize their time away from your, this is a perfect way to experience both Africa and Middle Eastern cultures in one experience. We’d love to learn about your dream experience in Africa or in Arabia. After all, it’s your journey, we just bring it to life.